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SO… the next chapter of our lives includes some wonderful rare and vulnerable breeds…First is our Pepper and Salt Giants. Rudiger is german, Moisberger berg and Giesela is Polish, silver senator lines.

Rudiger and Giesela are both imports… solid bone, great temper and proper coat. Form and function are very important to me, and all my dogs are natural… ears, tails, dew claws….. if they have it when they are born? they still have it…. same for my second breed, Lakeland terriers…. I am old to the giant world, importing my first black in the 70’s, but NEW to the lakie love of my life small kick me dogs… haha!

Rosie…. well, she is an Eskwyre bitch, the second the vickars imported to the US and the sassiest of sassy. (their name for her) …with not a nerve and built like a brick house, this bitch is 13 3/4 and 14#. Packable and tough as nails… kills anything with a heart beat, a true go to ground gal, She is owner handled finished by me and has her JE title and several barn hunt legs… as a true killer of rats, she thinks babies may be in the bedding so she wont leave it… phoey. More training! Every judge has commented on her iron jacket, and her headpiece and we just love this foundation bitch.

Her husband? A gorgeous blue from Julia Klimchenko of Zavetnaya Mechta… son of Saratov. He is in training with Gabriel Rangel currently, and has had one litter… his mom is rated on badger and fox and he has his RATO with just 2 barn hunts!

Looking to breed next year, and meanwhile we are training up their black! Rosie produced a black, a blue and tan, a red, and a black and tan… the rainbow litter of all bitches!

If you want to stay on top of our shows and crazy travels shoot me an email… also remember: My dogs are ranch raised, terrier tuff.

I am also an advocate of raw and puppy culture, so please shout out if you are looking for a non shedding breed…. big or small!